Fabulous quality resin cast clear GPO 162 telephone.

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This was probably made in the US around 10 years ago.

A clear injection moulded bellset may be available so please ask the price if wanted.


A rare and sought after collectors reproduction.

This was the must have item made by a dealer in the US. A handful of collectors signed up to have a pyramid telephone made for them. They had to pay up front and sent all the internals and sometimes the Bakelite parts to be cast. Many people had to wait years for the item to arrive and a few never did get them and are still waiting. The cost was far more than we are asking for this one that was sold on death. As you can see it is a wonderful well made item and looks stunning. This one must have been made with an ultra violate inhibitor in the material as many went yellow and and lost transparency. A stunning item and a chance to buy without all the hassle the original owner may have endured to get it. Most collectors know these story's so ask around if not sure.