Mottled brown Bakelite Siemens 310

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One of the rarest telephones we have ever had on this site.


Incredibly rare Siemens 310 type telephone. This is the equivalent of the GPO 162/232 with a little Siemens open top Bellset. 
This has to be the rarest and most sought after telephone by any collector. Only a handful are known to exist and none have come onto the market in 15 years. 
The mottling on this telephone is outstanding there is no deterioration to the Bakelite material at all. 
The only damage to this phone has been professionally repaired by a specialist who has repaired a crack to the body with a matching coloured resin the crack is barely visible and has been photographed for your inspection. 

This phone is collection only as I will not be responsible for the posting of this. 
Inspection is welcome as you will be spending such a large amount of money. 
Time wasters Should find something else to do. 
This is a once in a more than decade opportunity to buy a Mottled brown telephone with matching Bellset in fully restored condition. 

To arrange viewing call Andy. 07775727885.